Live Classes

Class Schedule 2021


Kettlebells @ Douglass Playground 10:00AM PST 

Outdoor Kettlebell Class, no experience necessary!

I will show you the fundamentals of Kettlebell training. How to use them safely to get stronger leaner and better conditioned. As you progress in skill and strength we can introduce new movements or heavier bells. If are injured or recovering from an injury fear not, I have plenty of modifications and regressions. (Just as I have progressions for the athletic freaks)

Per CDC guidelines no facemask if you are vaccinated

Please bring a water bottle, yoga mat, and Kettlebell(s).

I will have some backup Kettlebells for those who don't have their own.


Douglass Playground 

26th Street and Douglass

Noe Valley

San Francisco CA

(Basketball Courts if space OR grass field behind the green structure.)    

50 Minute Strength + Conditioning Workout

PLEASE RSVP BY in the contact tab or via any form of DM 

Venmo $20 to hansmeyer644