Hans Meyer

Owner/Personal Trainer


I am a Strength Coach, originally from Norway but based in San Francisco for the last decade. I believe strength is paramount for all physical training and can contribute greatly to overall health, body composition/fat loss, and muscle development. Being stronger can and help you meet specific athletic performance demands or even just general life goals (like your first strict pull-up).

I specialize in Kettlebells but also use Barbells, Dumbbells, Bodyweight, and even machine exercises with proper activation and biomechanical breathing. I use an Eccentric Isometric focus on most compound movements (Squat, Press, etc.) as its the safest and most effective muscle building formula. I also believe that Hardstyle Ballistic Eccentrics (KB Swings, Snatches, etc.) are the supreme tool for conditioning,, injury prevention, and functional power development.

I teach Powerlifting, Hypertrophy (Bodybuilding), Powerbuilding, Strength & Conditioning, Kettlebells, and General Physical Preparedness using the principles and tools stated above. I incorporate mobility and stability protocols with all of my clients depending on their specific needs. Joint stability coupled with proper technique and muscle activation are key to injury prevention and (post surgery and rehab) rebuilding!


As a former international rugby player I spent years of my life damaging my body during games and in the weight room. Kettlebells, Powerlifting, FMS, PPSC and the StrongFirst system helped me rebuild it, not only improving my strength and explosive power but also increasing my mobility and reducing pain. I've learned many lessons, discovered ques and progressions, and created new versions of tested methods. By continuing to train athletes and everyday people who are willing to work hard and understand why/how of what they are doing, I hope to add even more to my toolbox.

I love teaching the fundamentals of strength, how to function better with less pain, and how to push limits and reach new levels of performance through progressive training. 

My passion, knowledge, support, and motivation will provide the backdrop for you to discover how strong you can become!

Hans Meyer

San Francisco, CA



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