Russian hardstyle kettlebell training has been around for hundreds of years, but has only recently become popular in America. This style of kettlebell training is safe and optimal for strength development. It is used by special forces operators, professional athletes, and everyday people looking to improve their overall strength, mobility, and movement.

Kettlebells promote functional strength with an emphasis on the posterior chain. They are perfect for learning and applying the fundamentals of strength and (with the right technique) anyone can use them.

My approach to training is highly influenced by RKC and Strongfirst founder Pavel Tsatsouline. I believe strength is the foundation of a healthy body. I train people with different goals in different ways while always incorporating the five basic human movements for strength: loaded carry, hinge, squat, push, and pull.

My classes always include mobility and stabilization exercises , an active warm up, and a technique recap before we lift. Additionally, I incorporate strict form body weight work into each session. 

You’ll learn how to use all the muscles in your body to create tension and produce power. Over time this will increase your muscular and cardiovascular endurance, shedding fat and making your whole body  function better.

All fitness levels are welcome!