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This is a PDF training program that uses minimal equipment for the first 3 days and also includes an optional 4th (gym) day. It utilizes antiglycolytic training popularized by Pawel of Strongfirst and the Soviet weightlifters before that. It's like sprinting with weights followed by scientifically-backed recovery protocols, so be prepared for high output work and then some purposeful rest. 

It’s designed to build speed and power and as a byproduct greater muscle composition, aerobic conditioning, and recovery capacity.  I have also seen weight loss results (without losing muscle) and improved blood pressure and resting heart rate from people doing just the 3 Day version.


It is preferred that you know the technique for Hardstyle Kettlebell Single Arm Swing, Kettlebell Snatch, and the Barbell Deadlift, before attempting this program. This program is especially good for athletes looking to gain strength and speed without adding too much mass. I've used it with great results with everyone from Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu competitors looking for an edge to retirees looking to bring down their blood pressure.

Panther Piss Training Program

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    • 8+ Week
    • Intermediate/Advanced 
    • Designed for: Speed, Power
    • Duration: 35-45mins
    • Equipment needed:
    • Days 1- 3 KB and a Pullup bar
    • Days 4: Deadlift Bar basic gym setup (optional)

    If you choose to use these programs and accompanying videos, you do so at your own risk and acknowledge that the exercises carry inherent risk of physical injury, particularly if you have previous injuries or a history of health problems. To the extent permitted by law, Hans Meyer DBA Nordic Strength & Conditioning, disclaims any liability of exercises in these programs.

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